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 - Set against the heavily romanticized backdrop of L.A. in the 1970’s, Sunset Stripped tells the story of Nicky Blair, a celebrity restaurant owner, and his run-ins with Hollywood’s most infamous stars. The pilot opens with Nicky being held captive at a mob hideout. As the gangs mob boss, the dapper yet ruthless Sonny Bello berates Nicky for his inflated sense of self-importance, the warehouse is then breached by a Lincoln that barrels through its windows to save Nicky .


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Five years after the opening of Co-Op City in the Bronx, young MIKE, his brother JOHN, JR. and sister LISA struggle with the dissolution of their parents’ marriage and the encroaching violence of the neighboring gang that’s terrorizing their neighborhood, all set against the backdrop of the urban experiment (Co-Op City) of the early 1970’s. Till this day Co-Op City remains the largest housing development in the world .


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Born out of my frustration as a parent (mid 90’s) of young children, with the “HEROIN CHIC” epidemic in fashion and advertising , my friend Vincent was in the grips of a 14 year addiction so we set out to show heroin's effect is not so chic .

Filmed from 1996 to 2016 we’ve followed Vincents amazing 20 year jounney to recovery. A true story of hope .


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